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Married! Jumping High Fives! Leigh and Jason

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

It really is incredibly refreshing to see two people come together and celebrate that unique love in such an epic way. Since they've fallen in love, these two soul mates have been uplifted so much that gravity can't even weigh them down! Leigh and Jason brought their guests together under the ruse of an engagement party, and instead they tied the knot. We conspired together to make sure they could both sneak away and change from their emerald greens and blues in to their official wedding threads. With careful planning we successfully pulled off the most exciting surprise I have ever witnessed.

With a sea shining bright, and smiling faces on every guest, they said "I do" and thus began the beautiful journey of two very lucky lovers. How lucky I was to be there too! #irismackinnonphotography #narragansett #northbeachclubhouse#weddingphotography #RhodeIsland #Jump #Highfive #suprise

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