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Married! Jill and Al

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Just look at these two beautiful people, deeply in love and finally wed in the most exquisite of places. Everything around them was moving quickly, the hustle and bustle of a glorious wedding day, but I noticed something remarkable whenever I would focus on Jill and Al. Even though there were many moving parts and many different players, I would feel a sense of calm. They ground each other and there is a notable peace that exists between them. Their vows were written from their hearts and I wish I could remember every word. They spoke not only of the friendship and love they feel for each other, but also of burnt food, bad lifetime movies, online dating, making the bed, and dragging one another to dance lessons. Everyone present was laughing and dabbing away tears of joy. Their vows were the perfect summation of how they adore each other, and really get a kick out of one another. Friends and partners for eternity. Im so lucky to know them and to have captured something so genuinely beautiful. Thank you to Jill and Al, and to all of your amazing family and friends, for the wonderful honor of photographing this spectacular day. Cheers to true love, Mr and Mrs Bonino! #misselwoodatendicottcollege #becomingabonino #jillandal#weddingphotographer #firstlook #irismackinnonphotography

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