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Brand Story-Telling. Creating for Seniors Helping Seniors.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Working with the dedicated companions at Seniors Helping Seniors was fantastic. Our goal was to show the importance of connection and the benefits of activity.

An excerpt from their website; "Seniors Helping Seniors is a unique home care agency that fosters relationships between peers who understand the ups and downs of growing older. Our office and caregiving teams are well versed in dementia, chronic illness, social isolation, and other specific areas that commonly affect the seniors in our community. We seek diverse ranges of experiences in our caregiving community. Our caregivers have backgrounds in the fields of human service, business management, technology, medicine, law, real estate–just to name a few. This helps us make matches that maximize social engagement and help make the transition into seeking care a little bit easier."

You can learn more about the important work of SHS here. Check out their website featuring the photos from our fun shoot!

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