Welcome! You've made it to my website and I am so glad you are here. 

I'm Iris MacKinnon, photographer of weddings, and love, and all things fun. Based out of Boston, I travel all around New England. Mountaintops, sea shores, fields of wild flowers, I am ready to be there!

Capturing a chapter in your life story extends beyond photographs. It extends in to every single interaction we have. I am your hype woman! My passion exists in making you laugh, and keeping you smiling. It is inspiring you to show your most bodacious self, or embrace your vulnerability. It is listening to what you really care about. 

The experiences I capture are about the words your smile speaks. I honor your journey, and cheer you on as you celebrate it. Whatever the occasion, personal victory, or milestone you are celebrating, big or small, it means everything to me.

Let's celebrate the good times. 


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